Press Kit

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron

Point & Click Adventure

This classic Point & Click Adventure (completely in 2D) will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux. A mobile version could be possible. The game is still in development.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron

About the Game

This game takes place in a fantasy setting, where a young man called Nelson inherits a cabin from his deceased uncle Sid, not knowing, that the uncle was a necromancer during his lifetime.
Most places in the game can be visited at day and night time, some of them only at night, where you can meet very interesting characters. There will be a lot of puzzles and crazy characters, including dead uncle Sid - who will appear as a ghost-, the stone cold undertaker, the confused baron, the soup-cooking witches, a group of game addicted skeletons and the vegan zombies.
So this will be a game of magic and a lot of humor - with many hidden jokes about other games and movies - as a homage, of course.



Title   Nelson and the Magic Cauldron
Type   Point & Click Adventure
Genre   Fantasy
Platforms   Windows, Mac, Linux (iOS and Android possible)
Release Date (planned)   2018
Story, Art & Development   Manuel Schenk
Music & SFX   ...comming soon...
Gameengine   Visionaire Studio
Art Software   Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Krita
Animation tool   Spriter