[2017-08-16] New Kickstarter campaign after Gamescom

On the 27th of August (at eight o'clock (CET)) the new kickstarter campaign of 'Nelson and the Magic Cauldron' will start - after gamescom. The countdown on the webpage is already working. The goal is to receive the money for the music/sound production. Hopefully enough for talkie, new content and new platforms, too. Please save the date and help as good as you can and like to.

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[2017-07-16] Development progress video

Today I have another video for you about the state of development. Enjoy.

[2017-06-23] Project progress with Visionaire and RSS feed

The remaining talking animations and the map are finished - lightmaps, too. The new main menue needs little adjustments with the options. Saving and loading will be testet this weekend. Some indoor scenes and details has to be drawn and after this the dialogs and quests can be added one by one.

Additionally the blog will be provided as RSS fedd from now on under the following link:

[2017-06-04] Weekend Update

I tested the Wacom MobileStudio Pro this weekend and I am pretty happy with this device. The castle of the baron could be created and now I have to draw the inner castle during the next months. The sketches are already finished.

[2017-05-23] Ingame Items

Today I have another video for you about the graphic creation. But this time it is about the ingame items of the adventure.

[2017-05-14] Flyer for Gamescom

I prepare myself with a new flyer for gamescom. It will be a Din A5 flyer with both sides printed. See for yourself.

[2017-04-27] Tavern and Multiple Choise Dialogues

The Tavern had to be drawn, too. A couple of scenes are missing, but not many are left to do.
I added multiple choise dialogues including graphics (see Instagram posting ).

[2017-04-20] New Kickstarter campaign this fall and new website

The game could be released in 2018. This fall the new kickstarter campaign will help me to finish the game. I can draw anything by myself, but I am no musician and I need some voice talents for a talkie version. It all depends on your help.

Additionally I created a new website for Nelson. I am curious about your feedback.

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Kickstarter Logo

[2017-03-30] New drawing tool

Today I got a new drawing tool for creating the graphics for the adventure. This Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 should work fine and drawing is more rich in detail.

Update: And as you can see in the second picture, drawing is very comfortable.

[2017-03-28] Two new scenes

Today I finished two new scenes for the game. Now I need to draw a couple of indoor graphics.

[2017-03-23] The Cemetry

The little cemetry in the woods is now part of the Visionaire Studio project. I had to make three of the gravestones smaller and had to add some detail.

[2017-03-21] Cemetry - time lapse video

Here you will see the drawing of the cemetry for the point & click adventure as a time lapse video. You can watch my steps od procedure in less than three minutes. I might add some detail at later. By weekend I should have the scene working in Visionaire Studio, so that Nelson can walk in it.

[2017-03-06] Development progress

Today I will like to show the progress in the development. I added the interface (picture 1), which is a not the final status. The pumpkin will show the menu, the map is for fast traveling and the cauldron will turn on/off the inventory. You will be able to travel to any place of the map (picture 2), as long as the story will let you. The windmill (picture 3) is now animated. I will show this in one of the next gameplay videos.

[2017-03-02] Animations

Nelson needs a front and a backside. This weekend I will have to do a lot of animation for Nelson and the NPCs.

[2017-02-27] Nelson and the Magic Cauldron - Alpha (Visionaire Studio)

Here is the first version of "Nelson and the Magic Cauldron" with Visionaire Studio. I was surprised, how fast the development with this software is. But there is still a lot of work to do. For example the missing talking animations fpr the NPCs and Nelson is still walking to the side.

[2017-02-24] Items

The development with Visionaire Studio is speeding up. So I had to draw a couple of items, to create the inventory and the ui shortly.

[2017-02-15] system switch

The Development of Nelson and the Magic Cauldron is speeding up. The reason für this is the system switch from Unity (with Adventure Creator Plugin) to Visionaire Studio. And the colorising of the last scenes are nearly finished.

[2017-02-08] New scene sketches

I created a lot of sketches for scenes the last days. They will be hopefully colorized this weekend. The main graphics for the game will be finished and I am able to start the construction of the game. Despite all the tests and prototypes, Nelson will be a classic point & click adventure game with a lot of humor.

[2017-01-08] Nelson: Platformer Test in Unity

A short test of Nelson and the animation. Could this work as a platfomer game? A Alpha Prototype in Unity is completed and even the parallax scrolling is working fine. We will see.

[2016-12-07] Scetching game elements

Waiting for the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 leads to new scetches of game elements. For example a outhouse, a hearse for the undertaker and the eternal annoyed cat.

[2016-11-24] T-Shirt for Nelson

My outfit for the next German Conic Con in Dortmund (2.-4. Dec.) has arrived today. I will be there on saturday and will meet many friends. I'm curious about what will happen.

[2016-11-11] Magic Cauldron Speed Painting with Krita

The second speed painting is finished. Nelson needs a magic cauldron, but the result will be redone by myself in comic style.

[2016-10-27] Magic Potion Speed Painting with Krita

I was inspired by the Krita Tutorial of GDQuest for my first speed painting (without sound) of a magic potion. This drawing took one hour of time. I am not sure, if I will use the graphic in the game, because it is in comic style.

[2016-10-18] TBS concept graphic

In the world of Nelson could be filled with turn based fights. But this is only a concept graphic for now.

[2016-10-08] Characters for the first chapter

Here you can see all characters for the first chapter of the game. All of them need to be animated completely, except Nelson.

[2016-10-07] New characters for the game

The world of Nelson needs new characters. The heads have been finished today. The rest will follow this weekend.

[2016-09-30] Creating scene elements

After finishing the Beta 2 of Animals on Board I will create some new scenen elements this weekend.

[2016-09-26] New scetches for the game

This weekend I had some time to create some scetches for the new location "the cemetry" and a carriage, which will be placed in another scene. All scetches will be coloured in a couple of days.
Additionally, I need to create a couple of new characters and animations for the existing scenes in the game. This will be a lot of work for the next month.

[2016-09-23] Nelson and the Magic Cauldron - development started

The development of "Nelson and the Magic Cauldron" has been started. This week the running animation of Nelson has been completely renewed. With the new version of the Adventure Creator all previous scenes were recreated. In addition, there is now a map of the world of Nelson. More information will follow shortly in this dev blog.