Press Kit

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron - The Journey

Point & Click Adventure

This classic Point & Click Adventure (completely in 2D) is planned for Windows and Mac (on Steam). The Kickstarter campaign for this project was successful. The game is in development.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron2 - The Journey

About the Game

In his new adventure, Nelson is invited to a competition where all participants are supposed to prepare magic potions. Unfortunately, he is already late to make the necessary preparations, but his Uncle Sid had the saving idea ... a trip on an airship.

In this game, there are again a lot of crazy characters who present Nelson with almost unsolvable tasks. But of course everything is done with a lot of humour.


  • A classic Point and Click Adventure in Comic-Style
  • All graphics are handmade
  • Cinematic Soundtrack
  • Talkie version in german and english
  • Many crazy characters
  • Black Humor


Titel   Nelson and the Magic Cauldron - The Journey
Typ   Point & Click Adventure
Genre   Fantasy
Plattformen   Windows
Release Date   28 January 2022
Story, Art & Development   Manuel Schenk
Gameengine   Visionaire Studio
Art Software   Procreate, Krita, Aseprite, Pixaki
Animation tool   Spriter, Aseprite